Sophia and the Dragon

About Kathleen Damiani

Kathleen Damiani has always been intrigued and mystified about the female deity of wisdom--Sophia. Why? Because she's female and achieved quite an extensive and powerful divine status in the wisdom literature of the Bible; in mystical and alchemical texts, as well. She was the chief divinity in gnosticism. But it was her systematic removal from theological development in all three of the religions of the West that was most troubling and mysterious. Molly O'Brien and the Mark of the Dragon Slayer, Kathleen's first novel, gives Sophia a body and a voice. is devoted to Sophia's fictional adventures. That website also has announcements about Kathleen Damiani's talks, booksignings, new writings, and more.

Kathleen Damiani completed interdisciplinary graduate programs at Old Dominion University and Union Institute & University, earning her PhD in 1998. She continues to write and speak on Sophia. She has two married sons, and grandchildren.

Sophia is the personification of divine wisdom in the religions of Western civilization: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. There are five Wisdom books in the Old Testament in which the divine Sophia exhorts men to seek wisdom instead of gold; and integrity in the marketplace and politics. Sophia is the third most often mentioned divine figure in the Bible, yet she was systematically deleted from theological development in these religions during the common era. Her disappearance appears to have been a deliberate attempt by rabbis, priests, and theologians to remove any trace of her "problematic" character, her speeches, teachings--and especially her presence with God at creation (his architect/designer etc.) that is described in Proverbs.

Kathleen Damiani was so intrigued by Sophia's systematic removal from organized religion that she spent her academic graduate career in pursuit of her whereabouts and the reasons why such a glorious symbol of integrity and conscience would threaten the monotheistic religions. What Kathleen uncovered shocked her to the core. She never suspected that this path of investigation would lead right into the belly of the beast, the "lethal germ" (John L. Lash's term: at the core of Western civilization.

Sophia represents the intelligence of the Life Force as experienced within us. Alive within our own human consciousness, that life force--both biological and sacred--struggles to express its creative vision; to celebrate and appreciate and relate to the natural world, its plants and animals; and to refine and nurture social concience within the human community. Enormous and virulent forces, however, rise up to exterminate the awakened life force in an individual. Pressures to obey and submit to personal, political, or religious agendas condition masses of people to unwittingly conform to absurdity, competition, self-interest, and greed. Some scholars call these contrary forces the "dragon"; Nietzsche called them the "spirit of gravity"; physicists might call them simply entropy; the Gnostics called them "Archons." Modern scholars who study the mimetic quality of these habits or thought forms that target our noblest efforts towards the good, the true and the beautiful, call them "memes."

Kathleen G. Damiani, Ph.D.

Graduate Certificate in Jungian Thought, Old Dominion University, 1989.
The Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi, Old Dominion University, 1990.
M.A., Humanities, Old Dominion University, 1991.
Ph.D., Humanities with specialization in Philosophy, The Union Institute, 1998.


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